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About Us

Alpha Pipelines Founder
Alpha Pipelines

The Founder
Alpha Pipelines was founded by Damian Lawsen

Damian has knowledge and practical experience in many areas of this industry, gained over 20+ years.  His experience and journey started as a registered Drain layer, laying AC pipe and watermains in the mid 80's on South Auckland sub-divisions, then continued in a technical sales and service role for a number of years supporting various industries and people from Tradesmen and Contractors to Farmers and Orchardist to Industrial and Treatment plants.  Engineers and Consultants utilise his expertise and helpfulness continually.
In recent years Damian has been focused on helping Small Communities develop their water and waste, either upgrades or completely new systems.
He is invaluable with his support in navigating the many aspects of this industry and the numerous products available.  He helps make sense of it all and actively helps find the best solution for each situation.  He understands that every system is different and peoples needs are different.
The vision Damian has maintained, was to develop a company that is passionate about helping people to achieve their objectives (needs) and to share the knowledge needed to be self empowered.
Many Companies keep vital information for future money making purposes, Damian believes strongly, that people want to be self sufficient and confident in their ongoing projects he will endeavour to to play a supportive role whilst maintaining a sustainable business.

This website is a reflection of his commitment to helping with industry information and technical data.
This vision is implemented with passion and integrity, hence the mission statement:
"To be customer first choice and to be respected for doing business with integrity"
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Alpha Pipelines

Alpha's sole objective is to provide solutions for projects and day-to-day needs as a wholesaler, backed up by staff, who consistently produce, good old fashioned honest integrity and service.

Alpha has been careful to choose reliable, supportive and knowledgeable suppliers and manufacturers to source products that meet Alpha's quality criteria'

There are plenty of distributors and manufacturers marketing products that Alpha will not support, because of quality, which affects all Local Authorities and end users, whole of asset life

Alpha has single-mindedly striven to be a one-stop-shop to their clients. with products ranging from:

Alpha offers solutions to a wide range of industries, ranging from supply and/or consultancy.

Alpha has single-mindedly striven to be a one-stop-shop to their clients.

And that's why Alpha's slogan says

 “We are your supply solution”

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